6622A -T Option

The 6622A-T Temperature Bridge Series expands upon the success of 6622A Series Resistance Bridges by utilizing new design features to offer leading uncertainties and stabilities for Temperature Bridges. The 6622T Operating Range is from 0.1 Ω to 100 kΩ and can accommodate SPRT’s, PRT’s, various RTD’s, and thermistors


  • Accuracy to 0.025 mK (i.e. best uncertainty at 0.1 ppm)
  • Extended Performance (XP) Model Provides Best Accuracy at 0.013 mK (i.e. best uncertainty at 0.05 ppm)
  • Wide Range From 0.1 Ω ~ 100 kΩ, Supporting a Wide Variety of SPRT’s, PRT’s, and RTD’s
  • Resolution: ± 0.1 ppb of Full Scale and Linearity: ± 0.01 ppm of Full Scale
  • Built in Temperature Conversion for ITS-90 and IPTS-68
  • Graphical and Statistical Display
  • Wide Range of Ratios: 0.1:1 ~ 100:1
  • Fully Programmable IEEE 488.2 with BridgeWorks™ Data Acquisition Software