The 6664C Low Thermal Quad Scanner has the Highest Isolation of any 4-Terminal Scanner and operates at up to 1000V. With a Guildline model 6664C scanner and software, hard-to-make high ohm measurements (up to 100 GΩ) can be automated and scheduled at any time that is convenient to the metrologists, even at night and over the weekends.


  • Supports Up To 1000 Vdc to Provide Fully Automated Resistance Measurements
  • 4 Terminal Switching Matrix, 8 or 16 Channel Inputs, 2 Channel Outputs
  • Thermoelectric Potentials: <20 nV and Contact Life: >10,000,000 Cycles
  • Front Panel or Remote GPIB Control With Front Panel Indication of Selected Channels
  • Gold Flashed Tellurium Copper Terminals