4130 Automated Artifact Standard

GUILDLINE INSTRUMENTS 4130 AUTOMATED ARTIFACT STANDARD is the latest innovation in DC Standards. The 4130 Standard contains a 10 VDC Zener based voltage source and two precision resistance standards, all operating inside a temperature controlled and EMI shielded chamber. The new Guildline 4130 Artifact Standard is fully automated with a color touch screen, and provides IEEE and USB interfaces 


  • Provides Precision 10 VDC Source, 1 Ω and 10 kΩ Resistance Standards in a Single Unit
  • 3 Internal Standards allow for Artifact Calibration of Calibrators and Long Scale DMM’s
  • 10 V Reference is ideal for use with a 7520 Automated, Self-Calibrating, Voltage Divider to provide a complete Range of Voltages down to 10 mV
  • Can be used Manually or with Full Automation
  • Fully Automated Operation with SCPI Command Set
  • Automated Polarity Reversal for 10 V Reference
  • Advanced Internal Temperature Control Chamber for Resistance and Voltage Standards
  • Color Screen Touch Menu Operation!
  • IEEE-488.2 and USB Ports!