The 9910A HIGH VOLTAGE Capacitance Bridge is an instrument employing the AC Current Comparator principle. The 9910A is a versatile instrument for a wide range of applications including capacitance measurements, cable testing, corona loss measurements, insulator and dielectric testing, inductance measurements, potential transformer error measurements, shunt reactor loss measurements and power transformer testing.


  • Better Than 15 ppm Permanent Accuracy
  • Direct Reading, Six-Digit Measurements of Capacitance From 100 pf to 1000 μF
  • Dissipation Factor Up To 11.1 Percent
  • Safe to Operate, Even Into Megavolt Region
  • Bridge Components Remain At Ground Potential
  • Ideal For Measuring Low-Loss, High Voltage Power Cables, Insulators, Transformers, P.F.
  • Correction Capacitors and Reactors